Strong in transport

Van Santen Transport knows the right roads

With 90 years of experience in the transport world, we know the bottlenecks and the right ways of national and international transport. Whether it concerns heavy construction material, such as earthmoving or piling rigs, for klift trucks, large steel structures or smaller shipments of pallets of construction material, machine parts or scaffolding material, no matter how diverse your wish is, we ensure that it arrives at the destination.

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Why Van Santen?

With a wide range of transport vehicles, with load capacities from 5 to 100 tons, we dare to say: if you can imagine it, we can transport it. Even if other modalities such as train or ship are required for this. We take care of the transport from A to Z and arrange the necessary exemptions an d e scort vehicles if necessary. The Van Santen Group offers solutions for your logistics challenges. If desired, we can take over your vehicles and your employees and take care of your daily transports in your own house style, allowing you to focus on your core business

Mertens Transport very strong in steel transport

Mertens Transport has been part of the Van Santen Group since the 1990s. Operating from our location in Horn (Limburg), Mertens forms the gateway to Europe for the Van Santen Group. Mertens specializes in the transport of steel products. In addition to national transport, we are mainly active in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. We also have an extensive vehicle fleet in Horn. Open trailers, extension trailers, or tarpaulin trailers with advertising from our clients if desired. With our tilting trailers, we can reduce loads from 4.50 meters wide to 3.50 meters, allowing driving without additional exemptions or accompanying vehicles. This saves a lot of time and costs.

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