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Founded in 1930 as J. van Santen Autotransport

The founder Jan van Santen sr. Began transporting and trading sand, gravel, gus and dune sand. The company started rolling with the first dump truck. Transportation of coal and rubble for contractors in and around Haarlem was another activity.


After the war, the years of construction, groundwork was started. Digging construction pits and constructing sewers was easy to combine with the transport company.

In the sixties things changed. The contract work was stopped. Transport shifted to steel, cranes and machines. It turned out to be an impulse for further growth. In the 1970s it was expanded with crane rental, mounting of steel structures and the rental of internal transport equipment.

In 2009 the family business of Elk Transport from Haarlem was taken over. In 2010, all activities of J. Verbeek Transport and Kraanverhuur B.V. added from Hoofddorp. In January 2013, the crane activities of De Koker from Hoofddorp were taken over.

In August 2014, the activities of Kieboom Transport Systems in Beverwijk were taken over. The Van Santen Group is now a company with more than 90 skilled employees.

Van Santen Group

The various companies within the Van Santen Group have been reliable partners for many years who can completely take over your internal and external transport, both horizontally and vertically. We have various disciplines such as transport, crane rental and sales and maintenance of internal transport equipment within our group.

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Know-how for years


Founded in 1930 as J. van Santen Autotransport, the founder Jan van Santen sr. began transporting and trading sand, gravel, gus and dune sand.

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